Water Cooled Exchangers

Water-cooled heat exchanger’s have two independent circuits, one for the process and one for the service media. They work by removing unwanted heat from a process and transfer it the service media typically a water or water/glycol stream. Using water cooled heat exchangers allows the process to be cooled to temperatures not achievable by air cooled heat exchangers which are limited by the ambient climatic conditions. Also, water cooled heat exchangers are lot more efficient in transferring / removing unwanted heat from one media to the next compared to air-cooled heat exchangers.

There are a few different types of water-cooled heat exchangers, each having their own pro’s and con’s for the various applications/industries they’re used in. The three categories are as follows:

  • Shell and Tube – widest range of applications and capabilities
  • Plate Style – most efficient and most compact
  • Spiral – Tubular Type – Efficient, Ideal for lower volume with high pressure applications

All three categories above can handle various types of applications such heating, cooling, condensing, and vaporizing liquids, gases, and vapors. Based on the application one can be more beneficial than the others depending on the specific design and customer’s needs.

We offer a wide range of both standard and custom configurations in order suit the needs of our customer’s providing the best possible heat exchanger selection for the each application.

Common applications water cooled heat exchangers are used in but not limited to:

  • Oil Cooling
  • Process Liquid Cooling
  • Water/Glycol Cooling
  • Steam Condensing
  • Gas Cooling

Not only do we offer heat exchangers for new applications we also offer solutions for existing equipment. Is your heat exchanger not performing as well as it used to? Chances are it is fouled out internally and needs to be cleaned, WE CAN HELP! Has your heat exchanger failed? We can offer thermal and/or mechanical replacements.

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