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Exhaust & Blower Silencers

Cowl Spiral Chamber Silencers  

Cowl® silencers are available in Residential and Critical grades. Factory customization is also available to fit your specific silencing needs.

Cowl® silencers feature a unique single spiral chamber design that allows a free flow of exhaust gas through a uniform cross-section throughout the entire spiral chamber. As the exhaust gases pass through the spiral chamber, exhaust noise is progressively attenuated. The benefits of the Cowl® spiral chamber are high sound attenuation, very low exhaust back pressure and a very small package size. Typically, Cowl silencers are approximately 1/3 the physical size and ½ the weight of conventional cylindrical silencers, of similar performance.

Exhaust & Blower Silencers

Cowl® silencers are available in Residential and Critical grades.  Factory customization is also available to fit your specific silencing needs.

The TS Series Cowl Silencers feature Residential grade attenuation (22 – 28 dBA) in sizes from 1” up to 12” inlet diameter. Aluminized steel is standard construction and stainless steel in 304, 316 and 321 grades are available as an option. Cowl silencers are available in several standard inlet/outlet configurations as well as standard choices for various connection types.

The TXS Series Cowl Silencers feature an extended spiral chamber design which results in Critical grade sound attenuation performance in the 28 – 33 dB(A) range. The TXS series are also available in several inlet/outlet configurations and various connection types.

Cowl’s Full Catalog:

Cowl’s Engine Exhaust Silencers Product Series Catalogs:

EM Products Exhaust & Blower Silencers

EM Silencers are available in Industrial, Residential, Critical, and Hospital Grades. Factory Customization is also available to fit your specific silencing needs.

Meeting the Needs of Our Customers

  • Industrial Grade Silencers
  • Residential Grade Silencers
  • Critical Grade Silencers
  • Hospital Grade Silencers
  • Spark Arresting Silencers
  • Special Silencer Systems
  • Accessories for complete exhaust systems
  • Sizing program to ensure the correct size of silencer
  • Acoustical engineers for application assistance
  • Stainless steel available for special installation and operating requirements
  • Complete line of silencers 1.5” - 6” size are stocked for immediate delivery
  • Offering a quality product at a competitive price to meet all your exhaust needs

EM Products® Strengths & Benefits

  • Flexible design and size to meet customer requirements
  • In-house acoustical engineers for technical assistance
  • Silencers with special connections
  • Aluminized steel construction– heat and corrosion resistant (sizes to 26” body diameter)
  • High temp (1200°F) satin black lead and chrome free enamel finishStainless steel construction available
  • Quality material and workmanship
  • Inventory of immediate delivery on many items
  • Shipping Awareness Program to ensure your product arrives on time and in good condition
  • Years of proven performance
  • Competitively priced
  • Complete line of exhaust accessories
  • One stop shop for all your exhaust system requirements

EM Full Catalog:

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