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Blower Exchangers and Tank Vent Condensers

There are many  different types of construction that can be used for the Gas-to-Air, Gas-to-Liquid, Solvent-Recovery, Evaporating and Condensing applications. Some applications require a more rugged design, while some require low gas-side pressure drops. The heat exchangers are  selected on a per application basis to get the most efficient option  available. The materials of construction  we offer are copper, carbon steel, and stainless in headers, tubes and fins and  any combination thereof.  The markets and applications we serve include but not limited to are:  soil vapor extraction, blown film cooling, air separation, Biogas cooling, landfill gas cooling/condensing, and blower aftercooler/intercoolers.

Our Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Products include:

  • Air-to-Air Exchangers
  • Air-to-Oil Exchangers
  • Air-to-Water/Glycol Exchangers
Blower Exchangers

All units are pneumatically or hydraulically tested, and when required we offer ASME “UM”, “U”, or API compliance.

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